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Rethinking Security, Violence, and Development from the Margins

There is a general sense in the international development and peacebuilding fields that all good things go together—in particular, that security, peace, and development all reinforce one another. This consensus shows up in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 16 (SDG

Political Violence in Post-9/11 Wars

A byproduct of the United States’ post-9/11 wars in Afghanistan and Iraq is the vast amount of attention these conflicts have gained from the world’s academic communities. The authors count over 275 published articles and 80 books on the subject

Sanctions as a Tool for Peace

Sanctions have the capacity to severely hinder a country’s economic growth and their ability to maintain a strong military presence. This article provides further insight into the important role sanctions play in international politics, especially when used as a tool

War is not the last resort

War is not the last resort

The Myth War is the last resort Debunk People assume and expect that decisions to use force are made when no other options exist. No war can satisfy the conditions of absolute last resort. There always are many good, nonviolent

War is not part of human nature

War is not part of human nature

The Myth Humans will always go to war Debunk War has not always been around, humans invented war. Most of the time in human history we did not wage wars. It’s not in our genes. We have to be trained